Working From Home?

Coronavirus has forced many of us to start working from home or 'WFH', but it's not all bad news. Working from home can be more efficient, more enjoyable, better for your health, your family life and the planet; it lets you take back the time you waste commuting to spend doing the things you love.

Having a well organised workspace is essential for effective working from home but many of us don't have the luxury of a dedicated room for a home office and a guest bedroom often has to double up as both. OfficeMod fitted home office furniture lets you create your ideal office in virtually any space; when the day is done the ample storage options mean you can quickly and easily square everything away. Being modular, you can tailor OfficeMod to meet your exact office requirements for an office which fits your space. Being available in a wide range of colours, means that your OfficeMod home office will also look fantastic.


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We make modular office units so you can create  your perfect workspace quickly, easily and cost effectively.

All of our units are supplied fully assembled and ready for installation.

All our timber is sustainably sourced, and our paints are water based so you can love your office and the planet.


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