Why buy better quality furniture?

The way we buy and use furniture has changed. Furniture used to be a once in a lifetime purchase but in recent years has become almost a disposable item. This is not a sustainable situation. Furniture uses lots of resources to manufacture and is difficult to recycle. In the UK alone we throw away over 22 million pieces of furniture every year, most of which goes straight to landfill.

OfficeMod furniture is designed and made to last, the cabinet carcasses are made from super strong 18mm birch plywood and the fronts are lacquered with a tough hard wearing finish. The materials used are water resistant so they won't 'blow' like chipboard kitchens do when you spill a drink on them. All edges are sanded smooth before being lacquered and there is no 'stick on edging' to come unstuck. Worktops are solid timber and can be easily and quickly sanded and refinished on site if they become tatty or worn.

'Ever lasting furniture is all very well, but requirements change and fashion moves on.'

OfficeMod is a modular system so if your requirements change you can add or remove modules and because the construction is so solid, modules can be moved and reused elsewhere without fear of them falling apart! OfficeMod is deliberately styled with a simple timeless aesthetic which won't date like cheaper gimmicky furniture can.

'Doesn't high quality furniture cost more?'

Not necessarily. The materials used in OfficeMod cabinets cost more than those used in most other fitted office products but by selling directly to end users and with no retailers, show room or expensive sales reps, prices are kept very competitive and are in many cases lower than cheaply constructed chipboard alternatives. OfficeMod lasts a long time so you won't need to be replace it any time soon.

'OK it looks good and lasts a long time but It's just office furniture, does it actually work any better?'

Yes! You may not notice it, but every time you struggle with a sticking drawer, can't close that cupboard properly or can't find your stapler you are wasting valuable time so you get less done or end up having to work longer to make up for it. you may think that the time wasted is minimal, but when you work it out it can be a significant percentage of your working hours.

So buy better quality office furniture! It is less damaging to the planet, improves your working day, and ultimately saves money.

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