Plywood cabinets

We make OfficeMod from birch plywood.

Birch plywood is a better material than chipboard for the following reasons:-

It is very strong, it holds screws and fixings very well and it doesn't sag like chipboard or MDF does.

The type of plywood we use is classed as waterproof. If you get it wet it won't go soggy, swell up or fall apart.

It is good looking. We lacquer the carcass components with 2 coats of tough hard wearing clear lacquer which shows off the natural beauty of the material.

The edges are void free and an attractive visual feature so we don't need to use stick on edging, which means it can't fall off!

Because we don't need to use stick on edging we can round over the edges and corners, making for a more durable product which is better looking and more pleasant to use.

It will last longer than chipboard, so hopefully you will never need to replace it.

It is real timber, a natural product which promotes a sense of well being for people using the furniture.


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We make modular office units so you can create  your perfect workspace quickly, easily and cost effectively.

All of our units are supplied fully assembled and ready for installation.

All our timber is sustainably sourced, and our paints are water based so you can love your office and the planet.


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