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We are always very pleased to discuss your office requirements with you and this is often much easier done over the phone than by email. If you want to to have a chat about your office requirements, just give us a call or email. Either way we will do our best to give you all the information you need as quickly as possible.

If you have a more general question, have a look at our FAQ's section at the bottom of this page.

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We are a small family business, we don’t employ sales people or use any high pressure sales techniques so if you do make contact, rest assured we wont be hounding you for ever more!

Frequently asked questions

What colour units can I have?

Take your pick from 7 standard finishes, from neutral Cream to vibrant Daffodil Yellow, the choice is yours. You don't have to have all of it the same colour either, perhaps Pearl Green Base units with White Wall Cupboards? And don't forget we also offer clear lacquered birch plywood if you want to make a real design statement.

How do I know what to buy?

Our standard base units come in 4 variations with different combinations of drawers and doors. Try and work out what you will need to store in your office units, Computer kit? Filing? Stationary? If you have space, don't forget that your storage requirements may increase as time goes on. Try and arange your layout so that the stuff you use most is closest to your sitting position, so that you don't waste time every time you reach for a pen. Our wall units are available as open shelves or as a cupboard. Open shelves are great for ease of access or where you have stuff to display while cupboards help hide clutter, giving a more streamlined look and are particularly usefull if you are creating a home office in a guest bedroom. When it comes to colours, the choice is yours, standard finish is clear lacquer over birch plywood which has a beauty all of it's own, but we appreciate it's not to everyones taste which is why we offer our 'Custom Colour Finishing' service.

How do I contact you if I need to?

You can contact us by phone or email. Phone is often easier and quicker if you have a general enquiry or just need a chat about ideas, whereas email is great where you have specific questions such as sizes or delivery times. Telephone Mon-Fri 9-5 01934 824092 Email

How do I return an item?

This bit's really important! We make OfficeMod to your order so unless we have sent you the wrong item(s), they are damaged by our courier or are defective in some other way we don't normally accept returns. Having said this we will do our utmost to ensure your order is exactly what you need and if we spot any inconsistencies in what you have ordered we will double check with you before proceeding with manufacture. Rest assured we want you to be delighted with your new office and will do all we can to make sure you are!

How long does delivery take?

Normally 4 weeks. Delivery may take a bit longer around Christmas time when we close for the Christmas holidays. If your order is going to take longer than 4 weeks we will contact you when we receive your order to let you know, when you can of course cancel your order at no charge. If your order is time critical please let us know, we can usually accomodate slightly shorter lead times provided we know when you place your order.

How do I place an order?

Visit the products pages, click the item(s) you wiish to order, some items have various options such as hinge side, colour etc, so fill in the boxes where prompted, then click the 'add to order' button to add them to your order. (Don't panic about ordering things you didn't want to at this stage, nothing is confirmed until you complete the 'check out' process and before you get there you can remove items from your order that you don't want.) When you are happy with your order you can 'check out' This process will prompt you for your address and payment card details.




We make modular office units so you can create  your perfect workspace quickly, easily and cost effectively.

All of our units are supplied fully assembled and ready for installation.

All our timber is sustainably sourced, and our paints are water based so you can love your office and the planet.


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